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Chisago Lakes Cable / Public Access TV - Public Access Coordinator Position

15 Sep 2023 12:41 PM | Christine Strak (Administrator)

TITLE: Public Access Coordinator       
CLASSIFICATION: Contracted Service


01. Ability to supervise.

02. Position requires two to five years of post-production experience, with an emphasis on non-linear editing.

03. Experience to develop, implement & coordinate programs for school age children.

04. Good organizational skills.

05. Good written and oral communication skills.

06. Ability to work with other school personnel implementing programs.

07. Familiar with broadcast video production equipment and have a strong working  knowledge of digital formats.

08. Ability to cooperatively work with outside agencies in setting up appropriate programs.

09. Familiar with and possess advanced computer skills.

10. Experience in studio technical positions (TD, CG, Audio, Cam).

11. A bachelor’s degree in Film and Television Production. Communication or public administration or related degree may apply.  Adequate work experience may substitute for education requirement.

12. Proven track record in video production, including, planning and oversight, in the development of video programs and/or customer service to content producers.

REPORTS TO: Chisago Lakes Cable Commission Chair


1. A variety of public/government access startup activities oversight to ensure compliance with obligation and supervision of such areas as outreach, training, production, programming and promotion.

2. Develop youth media club.



  • Maintain “Head End” server in studio office that cablecasts our PEG channels 10 and 20
  • Update Tightrope software (Cablecast & Carousel) for server as needed
  • Keep warranty/service contract protection in effect
  • Create pipeline for content creators to send you their programs
  • Edit (as needed), transcode & upload program content to the Cablecast VIO2 server
  • Schedule programs for daily viewing. Channel 10 is public and 20 is government (Programming can be done remotely from any web browser)
  • Maintain a backup of server TV shows & program files
  • Oversee Carousel digital graphics (bulletin board) from various users that cycle between shows
  • Use royalty-free music as background filler behind Carousel slides
  • Check the rack monitors / cable TV monitor to ensure video and audio are outgoing to system



  • Maintain hardware in working order - cameras, mikes, computers, mixers, lighting, etc.
  • Maintain software and firmware updates in above
  • Stock adequate expendables -
  • Keep track of manuals, warranties, invoices for equipment
  • Make Equipment purchasing recommendations to the Cable Commission.


  • Maintain an orderly, safe, accessible TV studio for public and student use
  • Observe school & fire marshal rules and guidelines
  • Clean and fire-proof the stage curtains every 5 years
  • Maintain set pieces, props and accessories
  • Coordinate usage with school classes & Community Education office 


  • Loan camera kits and other gear to the public to facilitate their video program creation
  • Create & nurture shooting teams / crews when possible
  • Train & supervise users as needed
  • Maintain records of equipment loans, talent releases and waivers
  • Develop or refine guidelines for public usage
  • Cable cast users program on CLTV and our YouTube channel if applicable


  • Prepare and track expenses to budget
  • Meet with Chair and Treasurer to review expenses.
  • Maintain inventory and insurance
  • Communicate with cable board, member cities, Chisago Lakes schools, other cable stations, the media and public
  • Attend monthly cable board meetings and present report
  • Promote “Chisago Lakes Public TV” brand and its public access offerings
  • Hire outside help when needed

TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: Compensation and work year to be established by Cable Commission.  Part-time  $1,600 - 2,400 monthly to start

EVALUATION: Performance of this job will be evaluated annually in accordance with the provisions of the Commission policy on evaluation of personnel.

Send resume to Jack Doepke by Sept. 29, 2023.

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