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MACTA is proud to highlight current members on a regular basis in this area of the website.  The member features include facility and programming photos, answers to a short facility questionnaire, and a link to a recent production.  We hope that you enjoy learning more about our latest featured member…

WGTN-TV3 - Worthington, MN


1. What year was your organization established?

1981 it was a negotiated item in the original cable tv franchise agreement


2. What city/cities does your organization serve?

Worthington , MN 


3. What is the approximate population of the area your organization serves?



4. What is the board/management structure?

The station is governed by a joint powers board consisting of representatives from the city and the school district.

5. How many full-time and part-time staff members?

I currently have one other full-time employee besides myself. After the Covid 19 lockdown we will hire a couple of part time employees. We usually have at least 2 .

6. How many channels does your organization manage?

2 channels  on two cable providers, VAST and Mediacom

7. Do you have a fun fact or story about your organization?
The original employee of our organization was a woman named Fredi Lowry.  Fredi married and moved to Worthington in the 50's or 60's after marrying a local Optometrist.  Before marrying and moving here she worked in Chicago in Radio and TV advertising.  She was one of the original community members negotiating the new venture of Cable television at it's onset.  Fredi insisted that the then Zylstra Communications (cable provider) offer a Public Access Station.  They agreed and housed it in the High School so it could be offered as a learning tool for students, and it remains that with a Broadcast Journalism class offered yet today.  Fredi was the life blood of the channel ,when I came to work here in 1994  I had the pleasure of working with her for many years before she retired.  She was tireless in her efforts to bring local programming to our community and produced many wonderful shows.  She was a treasure and fought for and believed in Public Access TV. 

8. Please list your organization’s website and social media links.

Website: WGTN-TV3
Social media accounts: WGTN-TV3

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5775 Wayzata Blvd, Suite 700 | St. Louis Park, MN 55416
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